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Michael Crowley - The Stony Ground

Michael Crowley - The Stony Ground

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The Stony Ground is the story of Cornish farmworker James Ruse, reprieved from the hangman&rsquo,s noose and transported to Botany Bay on the First Fleet in 1788. Ruse, commemorated as a pioneer in his adopted country, was reputedly the first prisoner ashore, carrying an officer on his back. Eventually pardoned, at Experiment Farm he became Australia&rsquo,s first settled farmer, the first ex-convict to be granted land and the first settler to become self-sufficient, bringing him into conflict with indigenous people. In this gripping historical novel the life of Australia&rsquo,s most symbolic convict is described in Ruse&rsquo,s own voice.  ,_,


  • Le Titre Du Ebooks: The Stony Ground
  • Les auteurs: Michael Crowley
  • Date de lancement: 20.02.2019
  • Genre: Narrativa histórica
  • ISBN: 9781909976573
  • La Taille Du Fichier: 5.90MB
  • Langue du livre: Français
  • Format de Ebooks : PDF, EPUB