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Vv.aa. - Super Safari 1 Big Book

Vv.aa. - Super Safari 1 Big Book

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Super Safari British English edition is a three-level pre-primary course that welcomes very young children to English through stories, songs and plenty of playtime while supporting their cognitive, motor-sensory and social development. Using the stories from the Pupil's Books, the Super Safari Big Books, are a wonderful way for the Teacher to further develop a sense of class community through a shared reading experience. The stories are reproduced in large format and come with a suggested script and teaching tips for the Teacher. They are an excellent way for very young learners to start developing a love of reading.


  • Le Titre Du Ebooks: Super Safari 1 Big Book
  • Les auteurs: Vv.aa.
  • Editeur: Cambridge University Press
  • Date de lancement: 17.02.2019
  • Genre: Libros de Texto y Formación
  • ISBN: 9781107539259
  • La Taille Du Fichier: 4.40MB
  • Pages comte: 32
  • Langue du livre: Français
  • Format de Ebooks : PDF, EPUB